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Janice's Journal
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Date:2007-05-03 17:55
Subject:What are the Chances?
Mood: sad

What are the chances – that on a day 

when the sky is a spectacular vivid blue,

and white fluffy clouds are swirling with the breeze,

and the sun is sending rays of yellow warmth,
and the trees are unfurling their emerald green leaves,

and the flowers are bursting forth with a rainbow of pinks and purples,

and the birds are singing colorful love songs to their mates,

what are the chances that an innocent young boy

riding along the blacktop on his ruby red scooter

in the middle of a most colorful afternoon
would be killed by a drunk driver?

For Najeeb Green-Lewis,

The chances were one in one.


Please don’t drink and drive.



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